SNCO Appointment Timescale

Any one got any idea of the current timescale for appointment to SNCO?

Person in Question had everything sent to HQ RAFAC at the end of June. Can we expect them to be appointed before August?

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Was under impression that HQAC was a rubber stamp job; date from interview.

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It is, but it still needs someone at HQAC to actually lift the rubber stamp in the first place!

So they’ll be waiting a while then? :joy:

We’re still waiting for the rubber stamping of an appointment that was boarded in March.

Probs around 6 to 8 weeks atm between paperwork submitted and SMS being updated.

Thats the timelines ive seen for people ive boarded.

Just had one on our squadron turned around in a month, from Wing boarding interview to letter down from HQAC :man_shrugging:t2:

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The one we’ve been waiting on since March mysteriously changed status from CI to Sgt in SMS last week. No other form of notification was given.