SMS Reports

How easy is it to get new ones @james_elliott?

A useful one for me would be an activity approval report which describes the submission lead times (e.g. date of event - date submitted for approval) and lead time for approval (date of approval - date of submission).

Could be applied to all event categories in a similar fashion, but it would be useful for me to identify trends in short submission times which end up giving approvers very short timescales to review (and causing stress to all involved where changes are required to the application). This would allow targeted support to those particular units to deal with whatever is driving the late submissions.

It’s also of interest to target support to where there are long approval times - we need to get a balance between a decent amount of notice and a decent turnaround time on applications, but I don’t have the data to support that without doing a lot of mandraulic copying of approval dates into excel.

Is the best way to ask for this still an email to the helpdesk?

Would also be useful to add into that the time for closure.
ACTO 10 (think its that one) requires we close applications within 7 days of the event.

Good shout.

I think that’s on the event approval dashboard for WHQ/RHQ accounts

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You can filter by overdue events, but it doesn’t say how over due they are or allow you to interrogate the information to identify an trends.

Also, highlight when applications have been submitted well in time, yet don’t get approved to the night before

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That’s my last but one paragraph.

Would be nice if wings and above close their events…

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Don’t understand the relevance to the report request?

Have you flagged it with the event IC in a nice way, or raised it with the WEXO /ARC or just hijacking the thread to whinge?

It’s not, I think what you want will allow you to highlight potential poor planning or equally poor approval.

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You have suddenly become very vocal on several threads in counter to my posts.

Looking for ‘promotion’ on here to mod status… :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

You do know you dont get a PTS badge for that?

To answer your question. Of course I have emailed the wexo.
Unlike Mr Hughes. Mine is less than helpful.

What would super duper awesome would be the ability to self create reports in SMS.

PoweBI esque with all the data feeds in place then drag drop the information you need.

But I’m probably thinking too far head of myself there


Even better - but I suspect that’s a pipe dream for now - just a report would do!

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And save said reports as a template or something.
Maybe even the function to share such reports so other can use.

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Drop me an email :slight_smile:

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Seen and responded :slight_smile:

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Speaking of reports, sorry to bump, I was curious about how much flying and gliding the squadron had actually done recently and it’ll only bring out numbers for cadets who are still active.

I can’t, say, look for how much flying we have done in the last 5 years, because 75% of those cadets have now left.

So how can I find that information? Is there a way reports can include cadets who are no longer current, but did do an activity within the timeframe you’re searching?

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is it not easier to search for the SMS events that the Cadets signed up to/names were added to?

You could in theory go back as far as SMS has a history for listing all Squadron events, from there filter for “flying” and suddenly your Mum has a brother called Robert

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Tried that. No joy. Can’t overly fathom why, only two instances pop up and I know we’ve had more than that.