SMS dashboard unit stats

Ok so my SMS dashboard is now showing my average cadet parade strength as having more than halved…

Why is the database this is pulling from clearly using any dates in the date range of March 2020 to April 2021?

Do VPN parade registers count?

This is an utterly fictitious and misleading stat and liable to cause management above to ask misunderstood and inane questions.

ALSO because it’s clearly a long term average or something it will affect the average going forward for years to come.

An utterly misleading piece of tat.


Mine is all correct :smiley:

This number is the average (Mean) of all registered recorded in SMS in the past 12 months, we’ve had no parades in the past 12 months so have a nice 0.

People that have been doing VPNs with an SMS Nominal Roll and recording as a register on SMS confuse me, admin for the sake of admin.

I haven’t been.
But would if it fixed this.

Good to know it’s only rolling 12 months

The problem here is that once we went into lockdown and the new policy for VPN was created it only required that we complete the nominal roll in the SMS event. It did not require that people continue to populate the registers. No doubt some of you will recall me having a bit of a rant about it and pointing out that the nominal roll on SMS doesn’t guarantee “safeguarding” as was claimed at the time.

I chose to continue with registers for exactly this reason (that was surely the whole point of creating the ‘Virtual’ register option), and whilst it is a frustrating duplication of effort, it gives a more useful overview than an event list filled with a load of VPNs instead of real events.
Now we are reaping the consequences of a year’s worth of missing registers.

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