SMS Bulk Upload

Anyone used the bulk cadet upload facility in SMS? We have used it in the past but since the revamp it fails badly. Have logged a ticket but…

Having spent the time populating the spreadsheet for it to fail our Adj is not too keen on uploading each individual new recruit as there are 25 of them.

Can you give me an idea of what it is doing and some screenshots please?

You can email me if that’s easier and I will take a look for you :+1:

Have sent you a direct message on here James, thanks

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I used it on Saturday to add 20 cadets and it worked a dream… took about three hours to populate the template from 3822As then about 1 minute to import.

However, I did find that one cadet didn’t appear after the import, bizarrely. Probably a log out/back in would have resolved, but I added he/she manually and then ended up with a duplicate.

Thanks for the update, I think it might be due to the number of schools we have but our csv will not upload and we tried on multiple machines etc. James has kindly escalated for us so we should find out what is wrong.

3 hours to do 20 cadets?

Takes me or my Adj, 5 minutes to do 1 cadet.
So we could do 20 in under 2 hours. That’s with a tea break…
Surely a bulk upload should be quicker!

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I am wondering what the benefit of using bulk upload is?

You’ve still got to munge data into the right format - surely it’s as easy to go straight to the SMS form?

(I’ve never used bulk upload)

I love it.

That’s going to get used.

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From my previous experience, using the bulk upload is quicker. After doing 15 cadets individually running through each screen especially with the contacts etc it gets really dull and, in my opinion takes longer than 5 minutes for each. When you have 25 to do life becomes really really dull if doing individually. At least with the spreadsheet everything is in one row so it requires minimal mouse clicks.

Depends how you do it - for starters we part fill from our waiting list. Also you can do an Excel fill for a lot of common fields (eg Post Town) and then just change the ones that are different.

We used to use it - stopped working around a year ago, I put a helpdesk ticket in but forgot about it.

I’ve already notified them of this issue. I think it to do with them using one live database, and another for reads only - so sometimes there is a replication lag.

Maybe I type really slowly

Maybe you will be able to do yours in 1.5 hours instead of 2!

The value to using the CSV is like others have said, you can fill a whole bunch of cells in excel rather than clicking to the next box, then waiting for the page to load and clicking a load of boxes manually.

I will take a look!

Hoping to have this fixed for the 23rd or shortly thereafter. We are bit busy getting ready for the Cadet Portal beta release day after tomorrow :slight_smile:


Thanks James, really appreciate you helping out.

It’s been a while since I’ve tried to use the bulk upload. Does anyone know if it’s working now?

completely removed at the moment I believe.

Works for certificates and quals

This is going to take a while

Just remember that once Join is available for cadets that bulk upload won’t even be needed, so not worth the devs spending time on fixing its issues!

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