Smaller Flying Coveralls: sources?

Does anyone know of any reliable purchasing source for flying coveralls in smaller sizes (mainly in terms of height)? I’ve seen how challenging it can be to fully tailor eg Mk 14 flying suits, and I want to avoid that if possible.

A perfect supplier that would offer proper sized suits, and do pre-sale measurement checks would be great.

Am hoping costs would be a maximum of £30 per set…he said hopefully.

All navigational suggestions gratefully received (and I shall avoid making the obvious comment that in our organisation, such a requirement should neither be a challenge or unknown territory)

If you want Nomex, you’re dreaming at £30 a set.

Transair do smallish ones

but they are £225 a set.

What’s it for? If it’s for flying, they need Nomex. If it’s for gliding, they don’t need flying coveralls, they can wear the issued OG ones or there are places that sell ‘kids’ flying suits’ which aren’t Nomex but would do the job.

Mk14’s will more than likely be battered and the Mk16 has been in for about 5 years and that in turn has just been replaced by the FACS.

It may be worth asking your local AEF if they have any PWS ones you can have.

i too question what you need them for…

i would expect an AEF to provide them if they are a required item - which they are.

a quick search on eBay I find these - ok so its £40/set they look the part but don’t look to be Nomex.

otherwise i would follow tmmorris and search kinds flying suits

Sounds like this is not for AEF but just in case… Don’t forget there is a size minimum to wear the parachute and therefore the AEF should have the all sizes from that up. Would hate to see a cadet turn up only to be told they were too small to put on the parachute.

I have known it to happen - based on weight at least - the Cadet was too light to fly

I’ve seen it based on size. It was close but not close enough.
I have a photo of the lad in full flying kit looking mildly unimpressed before he had to take it all off again.

i would imagine it is both

heavy enough to make the parchust worthwhile
long enough to reach the controls

a “fail” in either one is a no-go

I remember doing a strength test (pull the cord). Nearly pulled the thing off the wall!

There is a minimum weight which is laid out in ACTO31.

The height restriction is applicable at only a few AEFs that need to wear a life jacket. This is because the LSJ can only be worn with a parachute set to LARGE.

If you fly at an inland AEF, there is no requirement to wear an LSJ so ‘chutes can be set to Medium and Small.

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AEF won’t let you wear your own flying coveralls anyway - they are regularly checked and repaired/conditioned/replaced and are accountable.