Small Contained Command Tasks

I am planning a lesson on the various aspects of command task leadership. We don’t have the resources or space for a large command task with planks, ropes etc.

So something that is fun for cadets but still small and contained.

I’ve got loads - give me some parameters (how many people, how long, whether you want to include any other aspects (comms, first aid, etc) and I’ll find you something.

probably 13 people to a task, about 15 minutes per task and I’d say the minimal amount of extra knowledge required would be good

Oh and forgot to say - what sort of level will the leader be at? Any PTS leadership?

the leader will be either blue or advance leadership PTS

Leadership_Exercises.pdf (94.9 KB)

That should get you going - note that Broken Squares is for smaller teams (6-7) but could be useful if you can split the teams down.

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