Slow March for RAF

Hi All,

Just thinking of instructing my flight on drill so I thought I give them a chance to listen to the RAF March Past for a sense of the pace of the Quick March. On a similar note, do we have a Slow March? I’ve heard of the Grand March RAF (another great piece) but at the ACO flagship parade in 2016 the band played Scipio at Cranwell. So which one is it?

FS Smith

Scipio is a fine bit of music. I’ll stand corrected but the RAF don’t have a dedicated slow march. College Cranwell use Scipio.

Yeah; that’s what I suspected! So what status does the ‘Grand March RAF’ have in the RAF? It would have seemed fitting for it to be the slow march rather than ‘stealing’ the slow marches of the British Army!

I have a metronome app…

Not as fancy, but at least I know it is accurate :slight_smile:

RAF March Past is officially both the quick and slow march of the Royal Air Force, but it is seldom used in slow time. Pick something exciting, like Scipio or the Duke of York’s March.