Sleeping Arrangements on Camp

Hi, I was just wondering who gets put into your dorm when you go on camp. What is it based on? Age? Rank?

It depends on what the particular facilities are like on the camp, but it will at least be split by sex and, if possible, over 18 cadets will be accommodated separately from others.

On some camps you may be put into flights and accommodated in flight-based groups. Sometimes the most senior cadets can get a separate room. or, on occasion, all the same-sex cadets will be thrown into a single, large dorm (or tent)

There are many variables.

Hi, thanks for your reply. When you say split into flights what exactly do you mean? Is it being split by rank?

A flight is a group of cadets, usually a fair mix across the ranks and with a SNCO as flight commander.

It is used to make more manageable chunks of cadets for transport and other aspects of the programme, and can help to create opportunities for inter-flight competitions.

Okay then. When going to camp is it possible that you get depending on your age?

That you get what?

That you get put into a dorm with other people

It depends entirely upon the camp and the facilities.

It’s a green camp. What does a green camp often entail?

The concepts of “green camp” and “blue camp” are not actually properly defined. It could be anything involving wearing not-blue uniform, or it might specifically be a fieldcraft and/or shooting camp.

You will need to ask your squadron to define exactly what this particular camp will entail.

Wheres the camp located (dont post the dates)? People may have experience of staying in that particular place and give you a more specific answer.

It’s at St Mawgans

Some of my cadets who are on camp there are in 12 man rooms seperated by gender. Shared shower and toilet facilities again seperated by gender

betty111… don’t overthink this…

Put your name down, you will be in with other cadets of your gender and you will have a great time :-). New cadets tend to worry about sleeping arrangements for their first camp, its perfectly natural but honestly, after the first day, you will will wonder what all the fuss was about. One of the great things with camps is for you to meet and make new friends from other Squadron’s. Where and who you sleep with will largely depend on the facilities available and how the staff want it to be. In a lot of cases this is not worried about until the day you arrive.

Thanks so much! Your reply has really helped.

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Completely agree with Ex-Everything. I worried a lot on my first camp but as soon as I arrived I realised it’s no big deal. If you are worrying, which you appear to be by asking quite a few questions, make a list and ask your NCOs. If you are uncomfortable asking your NCOs, which is completely understandable, post the list on the forum.

While staff will have more experience from camps, the NCOs are still cadets and will be able to relate to your worries and way of thinking. Any worries feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

Great advice Cadet04.

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My first camp was in a dorm with 15 others and you just get on with it.

Now though there isn’t the harmless fun of initiations or any of the other japery we got up to.

Ignore him. It’s probably Teflon in disguise.

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