Slacks or Skirt?

I joined air cadets just under 2 months ago but have been given a flying spot on Friday so was given some temporary uniform (dark blue shirt, female slacks and a jumper), my only problem is that the cadet NCO’s in my squadron have told me that females aren’t allowed to wear slacks to cadet nights, only flying! I asked my Commanding Officer two nights ago whether I have a choice in wearing a skirt or slacks and he said he would allow me to choose (although on more formal duties I’ve to wear a skirt). I’m terrified that if I wear the temporary uniform (the slacks that I’ve been given for flying) on my cadet nights that I’ll get into trouble! Help please!

You can wear slacks, personal preference unless ordered for a parade. You won’t get in trouble for wearing them.


refer your - spectacularly ignorant of the rules - cadet NCO’s to your CO’s answer.

if your cadet NCO’s are so determined for you to wear a skirt, you could also ask them to buy you one. they’re about £16…

don’t take any, umm… rubbish from the NCO’s. if you’ve not been given a skirt you can’t wear one, and if they don’t like your CO’s ruling on the issue have no hesitation in approaching a member of staff to tell them that you’re being hassled. you should not be ‘terrified’ - hyperbolé or not - of a cadet or member of staff. ever.


Much more finesse about those NCOs than me. :L

Thank you so much! The only problem now is having to ensure the slacks don’t look 3 sizes too big for me - which they are! :stuck_out_tongue:

Standard mil kit that. You’ll get used to it. Hope you enjoy the flying.

There are a number of “optional items” which can be worn/carried with uniform (such as stable belts, certain charity wristbands, umbrellas, handbags, &c) and also a number of options as to how uniforms are worn.

In standard working dress you have the choice of skirt of trousers (used to be called slacks for women). Your OC appears to be aware of the choice, but your cadet NCOs are apparently not.

Should you find that your cadet NCOs give you hard time about the trousers I would approach your OC again and explain.
I’m sure that in such a situation, especially having given you the choice, he or she will want to ensure that their Cadet NCOs are fully aware of the approved policy contained in the dress regulation - AP1358C.

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Moot point if you haven’t been issued a skirt yet, but CO > NCOs.