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Hi, has anyone had any success with Skype on BADER? I help run a regional course and we’re looking to use it to help bridge the gap between weekends.

At work, one of our suppliers uses Skype for Business for all their meetings. They send an email with a link, I click the link, type my name, and I can participate fully in the meeting, including audio/video calling and screen sharing.

On BADER, when I create a calendar event and add a Skype meeting, it generates a similar email. When I open the meeting in Skype for Business desktop app, I can’t get any of the audio/video features, only a chat window. When I open the meeting in the SfB web app, it says I’m not a presenter so I can’t share my screen, even though I’m signed in to the host account. Guests can join the meeting but can’t share their screen as they aren’t presenters, and I can’t get access to make them presenters.

I’m now totally stuck. Does anyone have any ideas?

I think it was a licensing limitation that prevented doing a proper meeting…

Our wing training and development Sqn use our civies accounts on skype. I’m guessing Skypes merger into Teams will make it difficult to get licenses.

@james_elliott may know more though

We are licensed for 1 - 1 meetings and not 1 - many

Do you know where I can find more details about what our license covers?
I’m not sure that was the problem, as there was only a single guest in the meeting while I was trying to test it (adj to general account).

I think we have an F1 licence…

Have you logged a service request with the Helpdesk, or your Bader POC?

Yup, we have the F1 licence and are currently limited to 1-1 Skype meetings.
There are aspirations to upgrade and permit 1-many but it involves paying for it. Wait Out.

All of the above responses are spot on - line volunteers are issued with F1 licenses for their accounts. More information on F1 at

F1 Skype for Business/Teams only allows 1:2:1 voice calling and that’s about it. As covered at the Bader Conference, a business case has been submitted to Comdt recommending that we upgrade all F1s to E1s which would give all of the features we want, including full Skype/Teams calling capabilities. That runs to about £1.8m a year which, as you can imagine, is outside of the existing budget so it is going up the chain.

As a workaround, you could look at using Zoom ( or Google Hangouts ( which will give you one to many calling, video and screensharing and doesn’t cost anything :slight_smile:

also “Get a 50GB mailbox per user” and 1TB of OneDrive storage, with the E1 :slight_smile: that might make it actually useful.

It won’t be useful until it is a shared onedrive area for the whole squadron and not simply a personal cloud dump.

The current mail limits have not even started to become an obstacle for me, and the chance of them becoming one would be even less if people stopped spamming us with attachments which we can easily get to on sharepoint.

TBF the first thing i did with OneDrive was create a Sqn folder on the general account which was shared to all other sqn accounts. ergo a whole sqn OneDrive.

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I wouldn’t trust the stability and persistence of a system unless I have a guarantee that it exists perpetually for a unit and is not bound to a single account, even a shared role account.

Which is one of the many reasons we need personal accounts…

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With personal accounts could the admin assign 2 roles on to one I.e. SNCO and Trg

This as I understand how it was explained to me.

Personal accts default with access to other accts/accts assigned to that login.

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Saves 1.8M, sounds perfect! Why pay that when we could actually get stuff we need that can’t be done FOC.

Basically because the free options I have outlined are not accredited MOD systems and we are an MOD organisation whether people on this forum like it or not. Being part of the MOD means we have extensive security and safeguarding requirements which necessitates the need to spend money to ensure we have the right software licenses to protect our people.