Skirt Length

How long are cadet skirts ment to be?

Mid knee

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Depends how long or short the legs are.


Have them kneel down while wearing the skirt.
If it touches the ground, it’s the right length, if above it’s too short and if it drags, give them a needle and thread :wink:


This assumes they or their parents can use a needle and thread. We get brassards back where the badges have been glued on.

Wonder webb?

Glue has some uses. My dad is a proponent of the “measure, glue, sew” method.

Though he was a scout

Nothing wrong with it. Got me through basic. Couple of token stitches in wonder-webbed name tags.:joy:

It can be fine so long as the badge is correctly positioned and is there permanently, neither of which can always be assumed.

I see basic sewing ability as a skill that is hugely useful in the services and in civilian life :wink:

I would suggest that you are biased!

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You’d think I’d be biased the other way though wouldn’t you…
“Don’t bother learning it yourselves folks… Pay me to do it instead!” :wink:

Most dry cleaners will offer an inexpensive alterations service. Shortening a skirt is straightforward enough.

There’s an odd point. Would you have cadets take their own trousers up?

Yes? Why wouldn’t you?


Guess I’ve just never thought about it. I had a tailor do mine and uniform isn’t my area.

Maybe I’m just distracted.

Part of being in the cadets is that they learn life skills.
Basic sewing is one of them :slight_smile:

That WonderWeb rubbish washes out after a few washes and all the hems/trouser cuffs start falling apart.

If you avoid wonder web any tailor whom you may employ in the future will thank you. It’s hoofing horrible stuff!