Sizing of Skirts and Slacks

These garments are sized by Length, Waist and Seat.
Waist and seat are fairly clear to me (circumference of the person where the “belt line” is; and circumference of the person at the widest bit of the bum, respectively) but Length baffles me and no measurement we make of a cadet seems to match the available measurements for the garments particularly closely. Also, “length” for skirts and “length” for slacks are clearly separate measurements,

SMS just doesn’t seem to bother with it :slight_smile:

Gents trousers use Inside Leg instead of length. Is the same measurement made for slacks and called “length”, or is it along the outside of the leg to the outstep?

For skirts, I’d have thought it would be the measurement from the waist line to the knee but even accepting some built-in spare material this always seems huge.

Am I close?

I am told that girls’ slacks measurements are for the inside leg, the same as the boys and you’re right about skirt length, it’s from the waist to the centre of the knee cap.

I’d have thought that - seeing as most people have their knees at roughly the same fraction of the way down their legs - that skirt sizes could just be measured using inside leg, but apparently that’s too simple.

I mean my combat jacket clearly isn’t 190cm long, but is just made to the right length for someone who is 190cm tall.

With skirts, trousers and slacks I’ve always gone longer tried to get the waist about right and told them to adjust the length, otherwise it’s too much faff.