Simple radio exercise for 6+ Motorola handsets and a c/s matrix?

Anyone got any ideas?

I haven’t got BATCO, SLIDEX or CODEX before you ask

Want to test VP, phonetic alphabet and relay/rebro over a hill if possible.

I am thinking of a send this message / message received sheet split down the middle for pairs etc;

And then encoding grid references using bigrams for each number, so a 6 figure grid would require tx/rx of 6x 2 letter groups.

Any ideas appreciated

What about a paper-based logistics exercise, with movement orders for surplus/deficits of notional equipment? Our comms specialist CI does an excellent version of this that includes physical tokens/manifests aspect so as to include a travel element.

Don’t make it overly complex, or it’ll become a logic puzzle rather than a comms exercise. So saying, I do like the grid refs being sent as code-groups, good idea. Beats battleships.

When you say rebro/relay, I take it you mean the information is being received/transcribed then resent, using proper VP, by intermediate Cadet Ops? And not an actual Project Tango talkthrough box?


No talk box, but something I might try is to test the topographical limit of the handsets. Will they go valley to valley? Unlikely without someone on the hill relaying. Something for another day.

My ex tonight.

4 radios

1 c/s will play the role of G4 LOGS OC - me

3 others have logistics and security responsibilities from toilet rolls to tracked vehicles, PW minding, rear area security etc.

Various pre prepared messages to start, and get used to, then going into scenarios, and the cadets make up their own messages.

Everyone gets a numeric-alpha bi-gram key sheet to work with. I’ve also done a sheet with the bi-grams in numeric-alpha order for quicker decoding.

Tri-grams and vocab cards will come later.

Take a look at the ACO Comms facebook page files section.

Else a quick one I use is rearranging letters.

Control offers letters:

Stations then rearrange to spell a word and reply with the “correct” spelling. first to reply gains a point…most points wins…

Tests what you are looking for.
I have used it as a themed exercise. All words are aircraft names, relevant to first class training, Squadrons within the Wing, RAF Stations etc

[quote=“steve679” post=25955]Take a look at the ACO Comms facebook page files section.

Say again, over? Where exactly is that?


the page can be found here

(its a closed group allowing free discussion about procedures/frequencies etc)

once accepted see the files section…