Silver iDEA Award

I have already completed my bronze cyber before iDEA was introduced

I am now wanting to do my silver, if I were to do it through iDEA do I still need to complete bronze

if not are the badges that I need to complete foundation, activation and resolution for each category such as citizenship and gamer etc

thank you

I’m not sure you can do Silver IDEA without doing Bronze, though I may well be wrong and probably am

I am pretty sure @Farmerdan is correct,

In any case if you did the ATC Bronze course before the iDEA module came in, it will have been a while ago so it won’t hurt to do the Bronze modules. The modules are listed in ACTO 071.

I’d recommend doing the Bronze and Silver iDEA before doing the OU course as you’ll get more out of the OU part that way.

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