Silver Gliding Scholarships (SGS)

Hi all,

In about May or April, I heard about SGS applications being open. I know that applications for SGS are a continuous thing that happens throughout the year, but it’s been some time since I filed my application.

Would the application just be kept on record until a VGS can offer a suitable course, or would it be worth applying again? …or am I just pedantic for that matter



I would ask your Sqn Avo O to check with your Wg Av O. The ACTO says directly allocated by 2FTS - but nominated by Wg Av O.

My Sqn AvO is also the Wing AvO. I asked him a similar question beforehand and he just said the gliding bases would keep a record of the application until they’re able to offer a course.

My only other concern is that I applied before by 16th birthday, under the assumption that I would probably be appointed a course after I turn 16. Is this necessarily the case?

If he said they would keep a record, pending allocation, then it’s hurry up & wait time.

From the ACTO:

a. Be aged 16 years or over.
b. Be a Leading Cadet.

If you are now over 16, you should be in the pool. Ask your Sqn AV O to double check.

Ok, I’ll check back when the time comes

Exactly this.