Silver DofE

For Silver DofE, do you have go and find other people doing the silver and sort it out yourself, or do the staff provide more assistance.

Speak to your Sqn Staff. A lot of Sqns won’t have the numbers to do Silver Expeds at Sqn level so it is often organised at a Wing or even Regional level.

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Generally speaking there are a few options:

A) Your squadron runs silver DofE for cadets within your squadron.

B) Expeditions are provided at a Sector or Cluster level (if you wing has that kind of setup)

C) Your Wing might provide open expeditions where individuals can sign up.

I’d recommend speaking with your squadron staff to figure out what’s on offer for you.

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Usually your sector or wing will organise a practise and actual expedition, they usually occur once a year (depends on what wing or sector you are from), I don’t know if they are influenced on numbers yet silver DofE and DofE in general is popular among cadets looking for promotion and for CV purposes.

Squadrons tend not to have singular expeditions for themselves. However, they can assist along with other squadrons from your sector and wing to organise one expedition. Bare in mind this is from my experience and I don’t know if other wings and sectors do this.