Silver Cyber Badge Requirements

Hi all,

I have completed both my Silver iDEA and the OU course, however I have been informed by one of my sergeants that I will be ineligible due to syllabus changes.

Does anyone know anything about this, and if possible can anyone send me the most recent copy of ACTO 071, as portal doesn’t allow me access?




From this, I would say you can have the badge. But this is not my speciality at all. Speak to your staff!

There are no sylllabus changes.

The only issue with Silver is if you don’t have 66% or more in the 2 OU tests.

There is a requirement to pass specific modules for Bronze iDEA but Silver is any modules.

But you do have to have your Bronze Cyber first - which is an instructor led course.

We’ve been seeing a few recently who have done the silver without realising they need bronze, so end up coming on the course to do their bronze despite the fact they’ve done their Silver through the OU.


I’ve done my bronze cyber. My sergeant said something about iDEA not being used in the new syllabus or something. Unsure.

Silvers nice and simple in the sense of “How” taken from Training Portal:

The prerequisite for this course is completion of the Cyber Foundation (Bronze) Level.

The Silver course is comprised of two parts.

  1. Completion of the Openlearn course. Cadets must pass with a score of 67% or higher in both sections.

  2. Completion of Silver Level iDEA Award where Cadets can choose any modules.

On completion email the cadets authentication number to your Region contact, see the contact information above or use the button on the left, who will authorise the production of a certificate and issue of a badge.

Alternatively, cadets may complete the CyberFirst Defenders course. See ACTO71 Annex E

Your Sgt is wrong.

There is a proposed update that might replace iDEA.

That course is still under development and the existing rules apply (Bronze iDEA and RAFAC taught module or CyberFirst for Bronze, then Silver iDEA and OU course for Silver).

Until there is an update to ACTO 071 and/or an IBN current rules apply, and there will likely tk be a transition period in any case.

All this is set out in the Cyber section of the SharePoint Training Hub.


Thank you for clarifying.

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