Sight Adjustment BSA Scorpion


I’m hoping the collective mind and knowledge in ACC can help please?

I’m trying to find the details BSA Scorpion Rear sight adjustments for a range of 5.5m.

So in essence, what in millimetres is each ‘click’ worth at 5.5m? This is in an effort to correctly and efficiently zero an Air Rifle to a user.

Many thanks in advance.


You’ll struggle to get this, nothing was published by the manufacturer and there is nothing in the PAM.

Recent guidance offered has been 4-5 clicks per scoring ring at 5.5m.

There are 2 factors with the vagueness the inaccuracy of the sights adjustment and the very short distance from muzzle to target.

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Yep, nothing written down that I’m aware of.

Depending on the cadet & the specific rifle sight, 3 - 5 clicks equates very approximately to the width of the scoring rings.

We have one rifle that had full right sight adjustment applied - no opportunity to move any more to the right if a firer held a group left of the bull. Not used since back from recent servicing at BSA, hopefully the sight was tweaked.

Big surprise when we zeroed them for 10m (Regional competition), I had to wind DOWN several handfuls!

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Pellets go up before they fall :slight_smile:

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