Shutdown* of the RAFAC Radio Comms Facebook Group

*the group does still exist, but is now for “announcements only”.

Posted yesterday:

This Site [the RAFAC Radio Comms Facebook Group] will stop accepting posts from 31 November 2019 due to the site having had adverse input which we can no longer control

Given that it has been a friendly and helpful forum (much like ACC is), does the ACC hive-mind know of the “adverse input” that’s influenced this decision?

It seems a real shame to lose a convenient way of sharing information and specialist knowledge horizontally across the corps - something I feel we’re often lacking in.

I was thinking exactly the same thing.

The support and help available from that group has been instrumental in making a relatively niche activity more accessible for noobs - especially those who are just starting out, those with a question or query that cant be answered locally, or just to help improve Communications across the Corps - outwith if the Wg/Rg channels, but on a truly Corps wide basis.

However, the irony of the Communications specialists closing one of their most well used communications channels hasnt been lost on me.

Maybe it was too mainstream…


Perhaps a private IRC server would be more appropriate :wink:

Or a watts app group.

Quit it with geekspeak! I just about got to grips with the FaceBook!

Agreed - as far as I was concerned, the main use of that group was peer-to-peer sharing, it’s of minimal use now.

Will just have to ask questions on ACC instead!

Thought it was an April Fools Joke as date says 31 Nov :man_shrugging:t2:

But I do agree that it is a great site.

Something like that (thinking teamspeak or similar) might be useful for NI wing who have just been hit by new radio limitations

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It was a useful resource - no idea what the issues were but I don’t think the admins would have taken that step lightly.

Why doesn’t someone share the link to this chat in the group?

Who knows who will bite? Maybe we can start another flame war?

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They have turned off posts

it is a great group and even if contributions were minimal, it was an ideal place to learn what others have done with some searching.

i am lost at what caused this, good knows what “adverse impact” might be, given users need to admin approved to join, and all are welcome in the community i have to wonder is this a decision from the top down rather than from poor behaviour from the bottom causing the Top (group admins/moderators) to force the decision…

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In what way have they been hit or limations

Permission is now required in NI from 38X bde for the use of any “RAFAC” frequencies for any purposes.

That sounds awkward, depending on how far in advance and detailed they want the permission to be.

Or more importantly why? ACO frequencies are accessable with a UHF scanner.

I’d hazard a guess that there’s a more widespread monitoring programme being enacted…

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And if there is, you’d wonder by whom? Air cadets are a very easy target.

Maybe for Persec reasons let’s not open that up in an open forum…

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