Should I be worried

Since the christmas holidays ccf keeps being cancelled. this week they haven’t given us a reason for the cancelling the last two weeks they said it was because of mock exams but they don’t usually stop it for that. the ssi left suddenly over Christmas and the contingent commander and section commander are ignoring my emails asking what’s happening. as senior cadet this is hard for me as other cadets keep asking me for information. should i be worried about this?

Depends what you want to be worried about and why. I’d say don’t bother.

All you can say to the other cadets is “I know as much as you do”. You’re not really responsible for them or owe them anything in this scenario.

As for whatever is going on, if it’s anything problematic in the longer term, it’s out of your control - so there’s little point worrying.

I’m sure one or more of our ACC CCF Contingent will be along at some point and able to give a view of the what and why, and if there is any way of finding out more.

It sounds from your post like the SSI left with little or no notice. It may simply be that there are admin issues as a result and a need to reorganise the staffing team until they can get a new SSI. They probably are not giving you more info as they are not at that stage yet where it would be appropriate to share school staffing issues with students.


Maybe a good opportunity to seek out an Open ATC unit?


I’m a CCF officer; if you are comfortable with PM-ing me and letting me know which school, I can make quiet inquiries without it coming back to bite you. I understand if not but it might help put your mind at rest.

Thank you sir ive sent you a message.
we had an email late today saying it has been cancelled all half term because of staffing issues. im very worried now that its closing and that i will miss camp applications this halfterm even if it does start again

i was going to send a message but cant find how to

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I’ve sent you a PM - you should see an icon top right (probably a W in a circle) - click on it to see your notifications and my PM should be one; or click the envelope icon to go straight to PMs.