Shotgun Shooting


A few of my staff and I are interested in starting Shotgun Shooting with our cadets. We have just been received a £3000 grant to buy shotguns & equipment etc and 4 of our staff have also just booked onto the Shotgun Skills and Safety a course directly through CPSA.

However, we do not yet know that much about the whole Shotgun scene in the ATC.

  • Is there a Air Cadet document to help?

  • What shotguns are we allowed to use (any suggestions what we should buy)?

  • Is there a generic RA for it that I can just edit?

  • Any helpful tips/advice from people?

I think that was all for now, thank you!

I would also be very interested in answers to the above! I am hoping to book onto a course ASAP! Cheers

I can see your message - thank you for the offer of help. For some reason it’s not letting me respond. I will try logging out and in again, or trying on my pc later!

ACP 18 Vol 1 Chapter 5

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As @themajor says, there is information in ACP 18 Vol 1 Ch 5. If you need more information, please message / email / call / Teams me.


Talk to your wing shooting officer