Short Lesson for INCO Course

I’ll be off to the INCO course at RAF Wittering in a couple of weeks, and we have to prepare a short (10 minute) lesson to present during the course. I have no idea what to do mine on.
Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks!

Uniform is the obvious choice - moulding a beret or sewing badges onto your brassard.

Try thinking outside the box - what are your interests outside the Corps? Have you done anything interesting at school recently that you can replicate?

I have done a 10 minute presentation in the past on changing a wheel on a car.

identify the right kit
secure the car
lift the car
remove the wheel/fit new wheel
lower the car
pack away

I have also done a 5 minute presentation on the layout of the Corps

We have XX Cadets, YY Staff Nationally
this is broken down into 6 regions (highlight your region)
each region is split further into Wing (highlight your Wing)
Within a wing there are 20-30 Squadrons (highlight your Sqn)
at 123 (Anytown) Sqn we have AA Cadets and BB Staff

Keep it simple. Make sure it is something you can talk about. You shouldn’t need the slides to prompt you, they are for the audience.
Aim for 5-7 slides, allowing for a minute each. This allows for Q&As and some flex in your timings should you overrun a bit

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Cleaning/polishing shoes.

How to tie a tie properly, different types of knots. Best one to use.

Once you’ve chosen your lesson, don’t forget to rehearse it. This will help you get the timings right as you can adjust if you over\underrun.

As suggested do something not related to the Corps, IMO it would show imagination which is something as an NCO you might need to display at some point. Try and pick something with props and or pictures, that can explain/display the topic.
We run ‘public speaking’ sessions at the squadron and give selected cadets 2 weeks to come up with a talk on something they do outside of the Corps. We’ve had talks on musical instruments, assisting with a theatre production, sports cadets do and even an interesting lesson from school.

As someone that staff courses fairly regularly with 5/10min presentations… PLEASE DONT PICK SOMETHING ABOUT THE CORPS!!!

There is nothing worse than listening to people talk about the same thing over and over again. Biggest bit of advice is talk about something individual to you, that you are passionate about. This way you come across much better than trying to pick a topic to impress. Also, if that topic doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, don’t do it. Simple as. Do what works and feels comfortable as opposed to box ticking and forcing the matter.

Agreed with the above about being on a non-Corps topic - unless of course you’ve been told to do something relevant to the Corps!

For our Sqn NCO Course we assign the topics & insist its not ATC or RAF related. Thinking behind this is that we want the cadets to actually go away, research a topic and then plan a lesson rather than wing it.

If you pick some obscure random topic, not only will be different and interesting the assessing staff won’t be able to bring you up on any of the technical parts of the lessons (unless you’re unfortunate and your assessor is a keen kabaddi player, topiary gardener or telegraph pole enthusiast)

Plenty of information on google/wikipedia about for research.

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