Shooting venue

Not really sure where to put this, but im a new CI and have been thinking about what i can bring for the cadets. My old fella owns a gun club and also has a range for .22 and archery he has all the qualficstions for firearms, and im about to do my range officer qualifications, will this allow me to host cadets.

I’d suggest it’s unlikely for shooting, but your Wing Shooting Officer and Regional Training Safety Advisor would be the best people to talk to.

Archery should be okay with appropriate quals - fairly sure there’s others on the forum who run archery.

The range has to be signed off for military use so if it has a 904/905/906 then great. If not then it is unlikely it would get the tick in the box without some money being out in.

Land for air rifle ranges how ever can be very useful, and clay ranges.