Shooting Record Keeping

Other then the F7267 does anyone have an electronic log of what ranges they have run, courses /expy dates and what marksmanship qual Cdt’s have achieved?

I just want a nice simple and clear log. Other then my F7267…

If not, then I’ll find some time to make one.


WO Merlin

waaay back when - erm…7 years ago now i was handed (sent) an “Adult 3822” by my then CO. i had only been a CI weeks and thought it the norm, but turns out it was a suggestion that was being put forward by a neighbouring Sqn CO and wanted to know what Staff thought of it. (the feedback was never asked)
it is no different to the Cadet 3822 in terms of its content, having contact details at the beginning, courses and qualifications in the middle and “other activities” at the end…
i printed mine out, in A4, and bound it in a file, and filled out what i could 7 years later it is the best record i have of everything I’ve done as Staff, courses (with dates which is useful), Camps, flying, WHTs (using this document this prior to my F7257 - i now manually copy across), shooting experiences (and scores), and of course “other activities”

i’ll happily send across the digital copy to anyone PM’ing me with an email addy