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When I did my FCI my ticket was ‘frozen’ until I could upload evidence of AFA.

But you’re right I can’t see it in policy. It might have been under the old regs.

It’s never been in regs, local made up stuff.

Unfortunately there is a lot of that about.


Well, not quite. You need an appropriate first aid qualification for the given AT qual. Within RAFAC, we accept AFA for all of them. But you could also have another qual. It doesn’t need to be AFA.

There are many people in the industry that argue things like AFA/FAAW are not appropriate qualifications for most AT quals.

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I now see where the issues / roadblocks are going to see, the OC is very keen to get me on the pathway and now the but I have to wait 6 months until probation is complete before the SC process can be started.

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Yes but you don’t need SC for everything.

You can do your IWT without it and IIRC K Qual.

Also AR? So not withstanding my point above on AR, if a course comes up and you don’t need SC for it and you have the time, it might be worth a shout.

As long as the SC application has been submitted you can attend any of the qualification courses. Just can’t exercise the quals until it has been completed.

And yeah IWT can be done without



Three yearly air rifle servicing coming up in about 2 months - been in contact with BSA - slightly different procedures compared to before.

Rifles can be collected from private address, BUT due to Parcelforce*** protocols, they MUST be delivered back to an registered firearms dealer (RFD). Or, they can be collected from BSA. I’ve raised a query with Parcel Force to see if a sqn building is acceptable, but I expect the answer to be no…

*** TNT got sold to FedEx, consequently Parcelforce are the only approved carriers for firearms, so I think that for return, they treat all packages as if they are FAC-linked items = must go to RFD. Luckily, found one not too far away who will accept any packages at no cost to


One rifle service = £58.50 + VAT.
One parcel (3 rifles can be packed in one parcel) one way postage = £10.50 £ + VAT.

Take off both sights before packing & keep both sights.

Service request proforma not required (unless you specifically need it - BSA will complete their areas).

Each rifle will have a service / repair card once service / repair completed.

Contact BSA when your rifles will be ready for collection & they will coordinate.

pec “at” (no gaps)

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Revision to AR Pamphlet (22 Jan 2024).

Sorry to drag up an old thread.

Hope someone out there can suggest I solution. since starting the thread I have WHT on the Air Arm’s and IWT/WHT booked and attending very shortly

To get the cadets shooting at squadron, we need an RCO ticket which we currently don’t have,
The two quickest routes are a short range course being run in March but need L144 WHT to attend, this doenst appear to be an option on the shooting portal for WHT the other option is there is AR RC course coming up in April in another wing however they use the BSA Scorpion AR and a WHT on the BSA Scorpion Cadet Sporter (multi-shot) is a perquisite, this platform is not used anywhere in the wing.
Ideas ?

Jump to another wg / region to get on AR only RCO cse & associated trg / WHT?

I would email Wing shooting officers within travelling distance to get on L144 IWT or IWT for the correct AR that you need.

My team have both types of Air Rifle on courses to cover that issue though. Might be worth asking the SATT if there is any flexibility.

What Region are you in? You can go to any Region for your courses.

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Why don’t they just run WHTs at the start of the RCO courses (they don’t take long) and RTU anyone who fails? Making it a pre-req, when the Q only lasts six months and the opportunities aren’t there to renew it, is counterproductive.

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WHTs don’t take long, IWT does.

We would provide a WHT if we really had to on a course but it is difficult to fit in as there isn’t really much time.

Most SATTs won’t have access to weapons on the Friday evening and armouries not open Friday afternoon.


Thanks. Not a lot we can do about Friday afternoons / evenings. Sounds like IWT courses with WHTs need to be run preceding each RCO, but I suppose they’re wing-level courses and not the SATT’s to diarise?

Don’t make your own items!

Some SATTs do run IWT but very few do as the Wings usually take care of it themselves.

If you can find 10 people who need IWT and they are available on the same weekend for a course then I’m sure the SATT would provide.

Definitely worth talking to your local Wings though.


For AT? - It’s in the NGB award. For the award to be valid a 16hr FA course is required and to be in date.

Yeah, for AT it’s an accepted standard, not for range quals though.

Not technically true for all NGBs / awards. Some British Canoeing / Paddle UK awards require only an 8hr course.

RAFAC policy however requires a 16hr certificate regardless of the NGB stipulations.