Shooting courses on Bader


Can anyone tell me anything about the courses below? What duties do they allow the holder to perform? Bader (The Shooting Portal) doesn’t give any further details. I want to gain some quals so that I can be of use on shooting weekends and at camps etc.

(1) Authorised Representative Course
(2) Safety Supervisor Authorisation


There is a way to ask these questions on the shooting portal itself which might help. Although most of the people who will know are in a field in Surrey at the moment…


Authorised Representative

This is a course delivered by the RAF that authorised CFAVs to deliver Dangerous Goods Awareness training, I think this is valid for 5 years. The DGA trained CFAVs can then transport ammunition within the current rules.

Safety Supervisor Authorisation

This is an annual authisation under the SA(K)17 course folder to act as a Firing Point Safety Supervisor on any range so long as your current on the weapons. The authorisation is valid for 1 year.


Best if you can to do SA(K)17 (used to be ARD) (non-expiring) rather than SSA (annual authorisation)