Shooting Badges

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what you had to do to achieve each tier of the shooting badges, I understand that blue is air rifle, bronze is small bore, silver is l98-a2 and gold is l81-a2 but what is the requirement for each badge.

Do you have Bader access?

The exercises that need to be completed in order to active the badges vary for each weapon - your best bet would be to download a copy of ACP18 Volume 3 from Sharepoint. That has all of the exercises, and standards needed, as well as a handy “Commanders Guide” which shows a simplified breakdown of the requirements (it still covers several pages though!).

No access to bader unfortunately

Speak to your training officer, they should have a copy

This is a short breakdown of the exercises for Air Rifle, but very similar to the other rifles.

In short, firstly you have to complete the initial 2 “Cadet Live Firing” (CLF) exercises, to the required standard. At the successful completion of CLF 2 = Trained Shot badge.

CLF3 = Marksman Test - depending on score gained = either Marksman or Advanced Marksman.

CLF4 = Elementary Application (Kneeling)

CLF5 = Advanced Application = Grouping (Prone), Grouping (Kneeling), Grouping (Standing), Application (Prone) Snap (Kneeling), Snap (Standing).

Quote from ACP18 Vol 3:

Marksmanship badges are awarded as follows:

a. Trained Shot (Single Rifle) – for completion of Initial Weapon Training, passing a WHT and completing the initial required CLF lessons (i.e. being able to hold a group).
b. Marksman (Rifle with Star) – for completing the Marksmanship Test and achieving the required score.
c. Advanced Marksman (Rifle with Crown) – for completing the Marksmanship Test and achieving the required score.
d. Competition Marksman (Crossed Rifles with Crown) – for participation in a recognised Cadet Forces Competition, as listed in Para 0111 of this chapter.

You need a copy of ACP18, Volume 3 - Cadet shooting syllabus. It’s Allum there. Your staff will find it in the shooting portal on sharepoint.

Just in case any other any other air rifle users have pondered the same thing. Sent to Wg Shooting Officer; it has been forwarded on to the Trg Development Team. Will see what they come back with.

As this knocks on to the scoring standard for the other size (supported) groups, CLF1 is probably the hardest exercise to complete!


Reference A:

ACP18 Vol 3 para 0227

Please can you pass this upwards within the RAFAC Shooting world.

At Reference A, it states that scoring for the air rifle, prone supported grouping, CLF1:

  05mm = 25 points

This is not a realistic group / score option; 0.177 inches = 4.4958mm - effectively 4.5mm.

This allows only 0.5mm tolerance to group 5 shots in the 5 mm group - it’s almost 5 shots through the same shot hole! I doubt that could be achieved even if bench-resting the air-rifle & using competition grade air pellets. I also doubt that this could be achieved consistently by anyone within the RAFAC shooting cadre.

Please can this be looked at with a view to amending the standard.


We are pending a whole new release of ACP 18 including an alteration of the standards across the board for where you obtain the trained shot badge. It appears despite it being agreed in October 2019 it’s not quite made it to fruition yet.

I’m not sure if this is because TDT is rudderless without an OC in place or if handbrake house doesn’t want anyone getting more badges as they can’t supply the current demand.

It’s due this month and will be absorbing the 40 series ACTOs based on the Dec SBN issued


Details from TDT - ACP Vol 3 just updated for both SBTR & L98; revision of the Air Rifle wasn’t in the scope of this amendment. However, Air Rifle section does need a revision at some point.

The gist of my reply - I wouldn’t expect CLF1 to be so easy that it would be a first time “pass” for the standard, but looking at the group sizes / scoring, it’s not far off the old Sqn Marksman badge level:

Cadets are managing to pass CLF1 - but as one of the supported scoring elements is (to all intents & purposes) unachievable, it takes several additional details to do so = probably not the best use of range time? This also creates “logistical” difficulties with range time when trying to schedule best use of details if the level of achievement is split between trying to gain CLF1 & those who have progressed to CLF2.

One of my cadets was the top scoring individual in the Corps National Air Rifle 3P competition last year - he is an excellent shot - he can manage an 8mm group (supported) at very best. For inexperienced cadets, even a 10mm group is a very, very high level of achievement for CLF1 (supported); similarly, getting a 10mm group (unsupported) is very rare.

My recommendation is a shift of 5mm “to the right” for both supported / unsupported group scores.

The thing for me is that CLF1 is so much harder than CLF2 which is essentially just an endurance test.

I know more than 1 RCO who take out the supported element of CLF1 and just do all 4 groupings unsupported as the scores and shoots are actually more realistic.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Looks like my suggestion has been agreed & incorporated. I’ve changed shooting standards!! :laughing:

What’s actually being changed?

That’s just for CLF1 of course.

Do you have a publication date?

although congratulations are in order by making a change and getting an agrement requirements are shifted"to the right"

its doesn’t change

so it doesn’t matter how far right it goes, it is still a difficult/unrealistic (impossible if only for the very best of shooters) to ever achieve. a grouping as good as that would be worthy of a platinum badge not just a 25 points towards the next CLF

or have I missed something…?

Yes, I think so. Moving the scoring standard “one group size” bigger = makes the scoring much more realistic.

Considering that the cadet needs 60 to pass CLF1, 4 scores of 15 (2 supported, 2 un-supported) is now do-able with a little bit of effort. It might need 2 details, but that is manageable for range time.

Publication date not known, but as far as I’m aware, the changes to the standard have already been incorporated.

ahhh right

it is the scoring standard which has moved rather than the requirement - i get you now!