Shoe polish question

Am I able to get a good shine with normal kiwi polish.

As in a tin of kiwi black? Yes.

Most people prefer it to parade gloss as it can give a “deeper” shine but its personal preference.

I use it to get this result.

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Yes, a tin of kiwi black. Thanks!

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Bit of dust on that right toecap @AlexCorbin tsk tsk

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Oh well ha

What’s your technique? I know some it different ways but those are astounding from my perspective. Also where is the best place to get shoes from as I’ve tried cadet direct (overpriced and fell apart after a year) and when I used Ex-MOD the toecap was slightly dented in and very hard to get a shine on.

What works for some = useless for others. :wink:

Initially, more water (cold - I use an ice cube if necessary) then decrease water & polish as the shine builds up. Don’t be afraid to brush polish to allow a “key” for a better shine.

Those shoes will be nice when they are finished off properly! :rofl:


I use a sylvet cloth and kiwi black, then when polished water bull a very thin layer on whilst holding the shoes under neath a tap with anpiece of cotton wool

Ah someone else who uses a brush! I always take a brush with me, brush polishing is the best way to repair damaged toe caps


What tye of cotton wool do you guys think are better cotton balls or cotton pads?

Personal choice really. Just make sure it’s 100% cotton and doesn’t contain any dye.

I had no idea cotton wool could have dye in so thank you for that tip :joy:

@Intruder is talking about this kind of stuff

those colours are naturally occuring in the cotton wool…

Not quite those. The ones i am on about had the colour intensity of skittles.

They were bought by a cadet who thought the colour was pretty and then the dye ran into the polish, it didnt mix well.

This was early days of cheap internet imports from china, you may still be able to buy them, but ive never looked.

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