Shoe advice please

I have just got my shoes and have tried polishing with cherry blossom polish but it looked is mat. Do I invest in kiwi and where do I get it? Also should I use cotton wool or cloth? Just general advice would be great.
How long should it take?

Kiwi isn’t brought in to the UK anymore I believe.

There is a new polish people are using called Saphir. Check out and their instagram for tips.


Thank you

Available from Amazon or eBay.

Locally, & I stress locally, we have had issues with some Grafters brand of shoes - impossible to get a decent shine on them.

Go patent…it’s the future :+1::+1::+1:

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Has anyone has any experience with Morello polish / paint? I bought a bottle years ago but haven’t had the bottle (no pun intended) to use it yet, when I know I can get similar results with Saphir and a bit of time and effort.

It cracks and screws the leather


Thanks. I’ll not try it on my new pair in that case and start layering them up instead.

Yeah. Also if you manage to strip it when it starts cracking you would need to beeswax the shoe to make it polishable again

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I can second that, I’ve had 1 pair of shoes for 4 years, so i decided in february to get a second “parade” pair and keep my old ones as square bashers

The idea was to have them all done up for WCD, and AFI a couple weeks ago.

but the grafters just don’t want to hold a shine