Shirt Sleeve Order

When is the ‘official’ changeover?

There isn’t.

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Gunner is correct. The ruling went years ago as you had folk in heated offices wearing jumpers and those in air conditioned bunkers freezing cold in short sleeve order so it was taken out of orders

As above.

The official changeover is when your arms start getting hot.



I don’t even have a jumper, much to the upset of my old WWO who insisted we attend a training day in them. :joy::joy::joy:

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It really depends on weather and location and when your OC decides its time to take them off. It’s up to them what uniform you’re in and how you wear it, they could on a whim decide to have you wear jumpers if it’s a colder day after you’ve gone back to shirt sleeve order.
If however you are the OC then just take in mind temperatures.

My bold. I think you’ll find that AP1358C tells you how to wear it…
The OC can give an order on the mode of dress (No2A, 2C, 3 etc) and that’s pretty much it…

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