Shirt epaulettes showing on V neck jumper

So as the title says my shirt epaulettes are showing on my V neck jumper and I have been told to put a shoe lace through the neck but I don’t want to do the wrong thing and ruin it and then need to ask for a new jumper, if anyone as had the same problem and has done the shoe lace please let me know how you got on! thanks in advance for any replies! :smiley:

It’s pretty straight forward to do but easy to mess up.

Get a BIG boot lace and then go see your sqn WO and ask for there help. They should be able to show you at the sqn.

okay thanks, yeah I agree it’s probably easy to do but really easy to mess up xD

Tip 1 - Don’t cut any holes! It’s not necessary.

Tip 2 - Poke the plastic end of the boot lace in through the weave and inch it along a little at a time. Hard to describe, easy to do. As big_g says: ask someone to show you. It’s much easier than trying to work it out from an online written description.

I’ve got cadets and staff with bootlaced necks. Mine can be a bit saggy, but IMO it’s a manufacturing fault, so if it happens it happens. I’d never criticise anyone’s appearance for it. I’ve got more important things to be concerned about.

It’s like shrinking jumpers and the variety of working blue and Wedgwood shirts, in terms of buttons and colour.

My wife has washed new ‘cadet’ jumpers and it’s like they aren’t the same jumper, afterwards. She washes all of our jumpers etc the same way, wool, acrylic, cotton, mixed fibres and it’s only my ‘cadet’ ones that seem to shrink.

I’ve got wedgwoods that are so different from each other, picked up in the same year, but from different stores you wouldn’t think they were from the same organisation.

We’ve had WB shirts for cadets that range from dark blue to a mid blue.

I tend to think the MODs supply mantra is ‘never mind the quality, feel the width’. I suppose we pay the price for someone getting a backhander.