Shirt alternative

Anyone tried these? What’s the colour or quality like?

I have a couple of these. Quality is good. Colour is a little lighter but not so much you’d notice

Well is seems they sell the new style rank slides. The colour is a bit off but no so you will notice. I quit like the silver ones

Have a look here. Double Two are much better quality

They do both long and short sleeved

Yes, but no stock of the size I need (I ordered 16 which is my normal size - too big - sent it back, but they don’t have 15.5 and haven’t had for weeks). Other websites also short of this size.

PS despite the pic Pooleys do short and long sleeved - it’s the latter I want.

Are the shirts distinguishable from the issue ones? Ive always debated getting some “better” ones as these new ones seem to last about 3 seconds. I still have a ben sherman one that looks as good as the day it came out the packet.

Dunno yet but I’m going to take a trip to one of Pooleys’ physical shops when I get a moment - good excuse for a flight somewhere. I’ll report back.

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Anyone know of a tailor or shop that does a No.2 trouser alternative in the same vein as these shirts? The issue ones are always such naff quality…

If the material’s not a state secret any tailor should be able to get it and make them.