Shiny Shoes

I want my shoes to be shiny but whenever i polish them they start to crack even when i have striped them back. How do i stop this and get shiny shoes after?

Lots and lots and lots of thin layers

Wheres the cracking exactly?

Dont be tempted to put lots on, as @AlexCorbin says…little layers.

this! lots of thin layers. i recommend putting the polish on with your fingers instead of a brush. this uses friction and your body heat to kind of melt the polish into the shoe a little bit. and then every 5 layers of doing this, brush off to remove any loose bits of polish and grit. repeat this until you have a good base layer. then start bulling on top :slight_smile:

Go patent, it’s the future!! :joy:

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Don’t press too hard. Think of it like polishing an egg shell. And go easy on the water when bulling.

Other point, if shoes are new, make sure you break them in first (brush polish and wear them a few times before moving on to the bull layers).

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Think of it like sand vs pebbles on a beach.

Pebbles are large and fall unevenly on each other, gaps are not filled between the layers.
This represents thick layrrs of polish

Grains of sand are small and readily sit in and around other grains. There are no “air pockets” created and instead a smooth surface.
This represents thin layers of polish.

You need to aim for a smooth finish.
Smooth =reflective.

Think of looking into a window at night and seeing your reflection.
A typical window will offer a semi.good mirror like reflection.
A bathroom window, does not reflect well due to being frosted and patterned which is not smooth

It’s mostly around the side but sometimes it’s ontop

I use a cream polish to nourish the leather in areas prone to cracking / damage then bull over it with wax polish after the cream polish has dried.

As petroleum-based polishes are carcinogenic, I would recommend latex gloves rather than bare fingers.