SharePoint questions

I’ve recently taken over a SharePoint page but I’m really struggling to get started.

I’m happy to self-teach but I can’t find much/any up-to-date guidance.

Are there actually 2 versions of SharePoint running at the moment? I note that some sites have /interim/ in the URL and some don’t.

If that’s the case, then I am on the old version. Is that why I can’t make my pages look “sexy” like the new BADER hub?

If a migration from old to new will be required in the future, is it possible for me to jump ahead and do that now?

Obviously these questions would usually be directed to my BADER POC but they don’t respond to emails…

Any SharePoint tips and tricks (relating to editing and publishing pages) would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

It might be worth you emailing @Ben_Wakefield on the vsdt (depoc.vsdt) as I think he did a lot of the newer looking region/wing pages (like LaSERs). I may be completely wrong there, but if it was him, he may know of some good guides!

If you go to ‘Site Contents’ via the site settings, do you have a Site Pages directory?

This is where the ‘new’ style pages live. If you can create one here then you can sort out a swanky new style. Then it’s a case of adjusting your linkage in your main site navigation bar to point to the correct page.

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