Sgt tips

Hey everyone,
So just wondering if any one has any tips to become a Sgt,I’ve already become a flight commander as our Sgt in charge of that got promoted and they told me to act more like a Sgt so any tips?
Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m going to put it straight in there.

You’ve complained before about cadet section commanders acting above their rank.
So don’t start acting above yours.

You need to remember you are still a corporal, you won’t be a sergeant until you get those stripes. Acting like a sergeant involves taking on more responsibility, so take on more ancillary duties if they are given to you, for example take ownership of something on the squadron, for example, upkeep of first aid kits.

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I’d expect pro-activity from prospective sergeants, but be careful to stay in your lane.

Identify things that could use improvement, then suggest an idea (or better - a selection of ideas) on how those things could be improved. Then, if you get the green light, implement them.

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I think that’s what cdt_cpl is asking - what can they do to be promotable?

In the Regular RAF, I was always told that it’s not enough just to be good at what you currently do, you need to prove that you are capable of fulfilling the NEXT rank up.

2 of my most recent SAC’s were worlds apart - one would always sit in the tea bar after a job and wait to be given his next and the other would come and ask not only if there was more work, but if he could do a particular job as he needed the experience. In addition, the first SAC would always find a reason NOT to do something as there were no spares, not enough time, there was a rounded off nut etc etc, but the other would always seek a solution, even if he knew deep down, the odds were stacked against him. Guess which SAC got promoted to Cpl? It’s qualities like this that get noticed so you don’t have to act above your rank, just show that you have the necessary attributes required for promotion. Hope this helps?


Yes thanks

Exactly - great examples of what I was trying to say. The SAC didn’t actually exceed the bounds of his authority - but he did show that he was thinking above the level he was supposed to be at, and getting permission before taking action.