Sewn in creases


I was at the tailors getting my trousers fitted and they asked me if I wanted my creases sewn in. I said no. Bud was just wondering what that was and if they actually look like creases or obviously fake. Just seems weird to me


If the tailor is good you’d never notice, but don’t tell your Wing WO !

One of my colleagues has them in his no. 2 trousers and it’s very hard to tell!!


Can you tell if you looked hard enough , my creases are reasonable anyway just interested tbh!


This is another does it matter if they are?
Ironc that in a day and age when people look for all sorts of reasons and use all sorts of things to not do things, this can be sneered at.


Almost accepted practice in the old OG lightweights… looks a bit silly in blues in my opinion, and is really no better than having poorly pressed creases anyway.
It isn’t a magical “knife-edge” parade-ready solution. One still needs to press one’s trousers anyway (to remove the knee and crotch ‘I’ve been sitting down’ creases), so what does it actually achieve?