Service numbers, old one, new one then old one again

I have had the same Service number for years, It was my old service number with an additional 0 and a letter at the end. I was then issued with a 303xxxxx number. I changed all my kit, forms did loads of stuff so I aligned with JPA. I noticed tonight that I have reverted to my old one. a. What is going on b. What about my VA and 1771 claims. Anyone have any answers?

As I understand it, everyone should now have a 30xxxxxx service number now. When you say its reverted back to an old number, what does it say on your profile in volunteer portal? If you go to your details it should show your 30xxxxxx service number under your name, and then your legacy one seperately.

Some relevant backgroud is in IBN 004-2022:

As the existing Service Numbers / Computer Identification Numbers (CINS) are not compatible with JPA, new JPA Service Numbers will have to be created and will be populated on Volunteer Portal no later than 1 Apr 22. These new Service Numbers must be used in place of CINs when submitting claims for Volunteer Allowance (VA), and expenses wef 1 Apr 22.

I would check with your Wing because theoretically anyone who was ex services should of been re-issued that number so not everyone ended up with a 30…. (however, potentially that may only be if you were on JPA whilst you were in the service.

For non ex military you’d have your legacy CFAV service number which can see but don’t use, then your current service number which would be a 30…. Number.


I thought that was the plan, but they binned it off and just gave everyone a new number to make life easier. I’m pretty sure I remember a few complaints (fair enough too!) on here from people who ‘lost’ their service number that they had managed to keep hold of from when they were a regular!

I know of a good few people who’ve retained old service numbers - even a couple unexpectedly where they had a CFAV number after coming out.

Potentially it’s to do with JPA as once issued a number you can’t (JPA is around 12 years old so if you joined and left before that it won’t recognise it, it’s only if you’ve been on JPA) have a new one, and if your personal details match up it may highlight it as an potential issue and require action. This is the same for transferring between services - you retain your original service number throughout.

That’s good to hear! I know of a couple of people who didn’t retain there’s and were told that’s-that. So they have effectively had/have 3 service numbers!

@Fjc was your previous/legacy number one from previous regular service, or just your previous CFAV number? If the latter, I would just stick with your 30xxxxxx number, and maybe pop an email to WHQ just to check.

I was reallocated my service number from regular service (30…) when RAFAC moved to JPA. I’ve had a legacy RAFAC service number and the shorter CIN, but happy to have my old 30… number back again. It feels like a little nod towards recognising regular service too.

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Not quite.

It’s all to do with when you served. If you were serving when JPA was introduced or subsequently to this, you’ll have your old regular service number. For some people (like me) that starts with a 2, whereas for a couple of others on my sqn, their numbers start with a letter.

If you left service before JPA was introduced, or you never served, you’ll have a new 30xxxxxx number.

I suspect OP has just found a system gremlin.

I served. I was on JPA (though a very early iteration). I didn’t get my original service number reissued.

I’ve now had 3 issued to me, which seems like overkill, frankly.

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Thanks for the replies, Im glad to have my old number back, just annoyed that I have to undo everything on my pre-prepared forms and kit marked with my last three. I have been in the ACO for over forty years so I pre-date JPA I think. On cadet portal it has my VRT number as legacy and new. Initially I had a six figure service number as an Officer and the ACO added the number at the front and the letter at the back. Maybe its my past catching up with me at last?

Im now back to the conundrum of what is my last three, two numbers and a letter or three numbers and forget the last letter. Most of my really old kit just has numbers. Now where is my '58 webbing and poncho?

RAF Officers have traditionally had the suffix letter (whilst other ranks had a prefix letter); I’ve only ever seen officers of that era using the last three numbers.

Incidentally and for those who find this sort of thing interesting… The prefix/suffix letter is a checksum, calculated from all the numbers.

I made a spreadsheet that checked this ages ago. No chance of finding it now, but it was useful!

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Yeah, that’s it. Except that the 7th figure is multiplied by 1, not by 5.