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I’ve been a CI in the ATC for a couple of years and have recently been volunteering with a local school CCF (army only).
The school want me to go into uniform which I don’t mind, my question is do I get another service number for the school job or does my ATC one work for both?

I’m not 100% but I’d say different as the ATC and CCF are separate organisations, especially as it’s the army section which has no relation with the ATC.

I can’t answer your question re Servicre Number, however I am not sure you can be a Commissioned Officer in the CCF(Army) and a Civilian Instructor in the ATC as you will hold the Cadet Forces Commission, (presumably initially in the rank of Second Lieutenant) , holding the Queen’s Commission isn’t something that stops at the end of the CCF parades - I would have expected therefore that there would need to be agreement between the CCF and ATC that you would parade as a 2nd Lieutenant on your ATC squadron.

This seems like a sensible way forward? Become primary staff at the CCF unit and then supernumerary on the ATC squadron?

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If you were CCF(RAF) then you would be classed as commissioned in both with the same service number (albeit a new one from your CI number).
I would expect you to get a new service number if commissioning in the CCF(Army), though I’m not sure about the position regarding you being an ATC CI as well. Best bet is to talk to someone in Pers at HQAC

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Thanks for the replies, only going in as sergeant instructor if that makes a difference?

Similar principle but perhaps easier as you won’t have that commissioned status and you’d be using the same ness in both roles.

Via your CoC.