Service instructor RAFAC TRF

Hello all,

So I’ve heard through the grapevine that the RAFAC are looking to make it compulsory for SI’s to wear their TRF whilst on cadet duties.

Does anyone know if this is actually true and what are your thoughts on this?

Not heard this, an SI should be wearing their uniform as per their dress regs. To have them alter it would be in violation of their unit orders so unlikely to be true.

ACP 1358 says something to the effect that SI’s ‘can’ wear it on the left blanking plate. I do when on RAFAC duties but, technically, GAI 1026 says SI’s wear our own uniform and therefore it would be AP 1358 rather than the ACP that applies.

Yeah this…its optional

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I’ve been known to wear it when on Station and working parties are combined just give a visual indicator or who I’m working with.

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I’ve just had a read and it states “ it may also be worn by attached regular and reserve forces” which makes me think more RAF personnel at HQAC, as SI’s aren’t “attached” to RAFAC as such whereas Cranwell staff might be

The key word there is “may” rather than must.

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Where is this stated, can’t find it in ACP 1358.

Para 441, C. page 152

By rights, an SI would be applying AP 1358 (or their own service / corps / regiment’s dress regs) rather than the ACP. However, personally I choose to wear the badge on my left sleeve and the ACP enables (rather then compels) me to do so.

You need to be brave enough to wear it when not on RAFAC duty, though! :rofl: