Service Instructor First Aid

I’ve recently been informed that Adult Instructors need a minimum First Aid qualification of Heart Start.

Does anybody know if the First Aid element of the RAF IRT Mod 1 covers ACO requirements?

Potentially nowhere. But worth asking the Wing FA Officer.
It seems that many day to day FA quals with the exception of FAAW are not recognised in the ATC.

Wing FA officer would definitely be the best shout.

All adult instructors need a minimum of heartstart but and if you’re qualification doesn’t cover it, then a two hour powerpoint is all it takes for heartstart…

IRT MOD 1 meets the minimum required training standards required by the single service policy as per JSP 898. It should be beyond a heartstart so the Wing First Aid officer should allow it. Producing evidence will probably require a print out or similar from JPA.

Note: doesn’t meet FAW requirements though if there is a specific need for that qual.

Thanks Bob, I would’ve been mightily surprised if it wasn’t sufficient and I have already provided evidence of my competency from JPA.

Unfortunately, I’ve just looked for JSP 898 and it looks like it’s been superceded by JSP 822 but it gives me something to go on, thanks.

On a related note - I am likely to be posted at the end of the summer to the other side of the country and will most likely want to get involved with another Sqn. Will my DBS & AVIP be transferable or will I have to go through the whole arduous process again?

You SHOULD be able to transfer. Dont’t bet your mortgage on it though.

The DBS is with the ATC so should be transferable if it isn’t god help us, and AVIP is essentially death by powerpoint.

AVIP will be OK in general.

For DBS it depends where. If you stay within Endlandshire it should be OK, but north of the border we have a different system that you will need to join.

Thanks for the replies. I’m moving from Wales to England so fingers crossed. I only asked because one of our instructors transferred from Army to Air cadets and had to go through the whole process again.

In short there should be a ruling on this, either RAF Mod 1/2/3 whatever is allowed or not and if anyone actually finds something from HQAC on it, please let me know as I’ve tried asking my Wing FA Officer, they suggested asking Region FA Officer and he said he’d have to ask Corps FA Officer… I have a number of SIs on my Squadron, all of whom are huffing and puffing at having to do Heartstart as a minimum or spend a weekend doing AFA, when they renew their FA far more often than we do with civvie quals!

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You would think the organisation might want to put the single service acceptable standards and their relevant service equivalents in to our policy. Would make it much simpler for SIs.

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Does this word even exist in the HQAC dictionary?

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It does, but their definition of it is somewhat different to ours.

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