Seriously.... what planet is the twitter typist on?

What… the…

Read the middle block…

She must deal with different RFCAs to the rest of us then!

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It is PR spin. We cannot have the figurehead of our organisation slating them in public, can we?

Sure she can.
Might motivate them to work…

At least don’t publicly praise them!

Its not slander if its the truth! :wink:

Its probably because everywhere she goes it smells of fresh paint, clean walls and surprisingly well cut grass.

Without realising that 9/10, RFCAs have contributed nothing to it!


The RFCA’s are very good at their jobs. As long as that job was done for the ACF


That rather antiquated metaphor doesn’t make sense…

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Squeezing a quart from a pint pot?! More like paying a Gallon for a Pint, and then only getting half a pint!


After waiting 6 months to be served…

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Only 6?!

Why not???

When they take hard fought for money and waste it!

Incompetence has no boundaries when it comes to rfca

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Because that is not how the head of an organisation should conduct themselves in public.

I’d like to think the behind-doors conversations are more robust and reflecting of the true experience, but I’m not confident of that :frowning:


What incubus says is what all senior management do. I’ve heard many people say things in public when I know their real thoughts.

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I have been involved in those and it does nothing!
Promises made then broken with in a week, building standards from the previous decade not followed never mind updated ones.

RFCA are to far gone and only care about the ACF.
It needs someone really high even above dawn to start properly taking them to task

That ain’t going to happen when some senior officers from the ACO are employee’s of the RFCA.

Just because she doesn’t want to tell the truth about them in public doesn’t mean she has to lie and say they are great when everyone in the organisation knows it’s a lie!z


Greasing the wheels.

Theres an echo in here!

If she says anything less, the question then becomes "why have you let it get like this ma’am. So best keep head down and say right thing.


Am I the first person to notice that if you read RFCA backwards you get…

ACF R[earguard?]


To be fair part of the ACF building next to ours fully came apart in the wind last week so I think everyone’s suffering…