'Selling' the roles of secretary and chair - help please!

Hi all, we are in dire need of a new chair and secretary. I’ve held both positions over the last 8 years but am moving to another county and Wing. The chair who replaced me has just stepped down after 8 months and the secretary dropped out 2 months ago.
I know this isn’t my responsibility but I’d really like to leave the committee in a good place. I’ve done posts on our closed Facebook groups asking for volunteers but I’m stuck for how to tell them what the role is in a few sentences. I don’t want to scare them with the TOR’s!!!
Is anyone better with words than me that can help - please???
We have a great committee but no-one on it wants either of these positions due to their own time constraints. Thanks

Get your CO to arrange an awards night, that attracts the parents in.

At that event stand up and present the facts to the assembled.

Great to see you here, what a superb staff/cadets/facilities etc we have, but !!,

Our squadron is a charity.

Your committee are the charity trustees and we need an additional so many volunteers tonight to join us.

The squadron is not allowed under charity law to function without trustees and will have to close unless we get some additional volunteers tonight.

Explain the basic requirements of becoming a trustee and DBS checks.

In addition we need a new chairman and secretary.

Do secretary role first, take minutes mainly.

Then do chairmans role, run meetings, be the driving force with the CO behind the squadron.

New chair will need help and support from an experienced chair, at least for a month or two. If you are unable talk to your wing chairman as you will need to borrow some help probably from a local squadron or maybe from wing HQ,

Have a good pile of the sign up stuff to hand, wear something distinctive , I wear my bright orange and yellow sunshine tie, then point this out to the parents so that they can find you after the meeting.

Dont forget the gift aid sign up forms as well.

They will sign up as they dont want to loose their cheap teenage child sitting service you offer.

That should do the trick, has for me in several squadrons where I have had to go in an recruit a CC from close to zero.

The key is getting in front of the parents, initially as part of the evening then in sniper mode picking them off before they can escape out of the door.