Selection to camps

Is there any attributes of such you should have to help you be selected for an overseas camp such as Gibraltar… or is cadets selected by random?

There is a requirement to of attended a blue week long camp and be I think senior classification and a set age.

As for selection…
Generally the Sqn’s should put the most deserving cadets forward as first pick (would you be happy if you have a 100% attendance in everything but someone else who hardly turns up gets to go)

The wings then choose how I don’t know for sure but if there is a cadet from a sqn who never or rarely apply for spaces they may get a push to the front of selection to encourage more from that sqn to apply in the future.

Hope that helps

I’ve been to a few camps that where a week long? Are these blue camps? Sorry if it sounds silly, I’ve never came accross this.

Your first hurdle is your sqn OC.
He/she is only going to put forward cadets that they think are deserving of such a camp.
So they will want to see an enthusiastic cadet who pitches in with all the activities that a squadron gets involved with not just the big ticket fun stuff that everyone signs up for.
Typically you will have a proven track record in such matters. Cadets going on overseas camps will have previously attended UK camps and will have at least a couple of years experience behind them if not more.
Once the COs recommendation gets to Wing it becomes a bit more of a lottery.