Security systems - Sqn


Had a thought earlier.

Does anyone use a video surveillance system to monitor their sqn premises, like a Ring Doorbell (or similar…?)

Wondering if it would be a useful security feature, or if it would even be allowed.

So long as you display suitable signage I’m sure it would be fine. THe issue is fitting it in the first place would be minor works would it not?

Not sure that would go through budget approval. Do it yourself and that’s frowned upon.

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You need to register any CCTV systems with HQAC. Can’t remember the details, but there are specific rules about it that were emailed out a while ago.

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You’re right there are.

I recall there being further restrictions on CCTV on the defence estate.

Probably nothing to stop you having an internal system, as long as any rules about retaining footage are followed.

Just put the stickers up on every window and door.

Will deter just as well.

If you get cctv there is an ingernal process to declare, i forget where and you then have the stress of managing in accordance with MOD rules, RAFAC rules and the law.

I wouldnt bother.

Dont forget.
Cctv just records the crime. It doesnt overly prevent it.
Youll still end up claiming on insurance.

CCTV like an Alarm does a massive job in preventing the crime. Criminals might be stupid but they will always go for the visually easiest target.

would dummy CCTV cameras do the job then? or are there regs for those as well

We used to have them at my old Squadron, it had a couple of burglaries which stopped once we had them and a monitored alarm.