Security Clearance Expiry

Has anyone found clearance lengths have been cut?? Mine was due for renewal in 2027, but the MOD have now told me 2022! Apparently there has been a raft of changes…

Have a look in your vetting tab on SMS, mine shows 10 year validity at the moment. I am in to the second 5 years and not been notified that it has been shortened in any way.

mine too shows it should be 2027, however NSV via Imphal have said 2022

Vetting periods have been under review.

It is now more often the case that SC is only for 5 years when issued.

But I havent heard of any issued clearances being shortened whilst ‘in term’.

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That sounds like you’ve been shortened within the first 5 of a 10 year to a 5 year.

Could be that they are moving everyone to 5 years and the easy ones are the ones that are already within their first 5 years. Worth raising with them why.

Interesting. I was turned down for a renewal recently because the clearance wasn’t close enough to expiry (I was getting a new MOD90 and it seemed to me to make sense to do the SC, so the card didn’t have too short an expiry date on it, but they disagreed!)

My SC still showing 2030 with (10 yrs) in brackets next to it in the list on SMS.

Mine is still 10 years - last did it 2020. I’ve had several staff do them recently and all are valid for 10 years, as are those who have had them longer. Mine is through work and I haven’t seen anything published saying they are changing length of validity.

If there have been recent changes to the overarching MOD policy then what it says on SMS is irrelevant. It won’t have yet been updated to reflect those changes.

I fancy that I’m over half way through my current SC, so if there are changes which affect us then I should expect to hear soon.