Section 19 Permit


We replaced our minibus recently and I have realised we do not have a Section 19 Permit disc for the new vehicle. I have asked Wing about getting one but they haven’t heard of a section 19. Does anybody know who to contact in the organisation?


Use Accounts Form 82. See below.

Expiry of Section 19 Minibus Permits

With effect from 6 Apr 09, Section 19 Permits were granted with an expiry date of five years from the date of issue. Upon expiry of the permit, it is the responsibility of the squadron to request a replacement as reminders will not be issued by HQAC.

Permits issued before 6 Apr 09 were issued without an expiry date annotated. However, in accordance with VOSA policy issued in 2009, they will expire in Apr 14. Therefore, a replacement permit must be requested from HQAC utilising an Accounts Form 82. A new permit will be issued which will be valid for five years as above.


Thanks for the swift response. I have found the form on BADER, but it doesn’t mention anything about payment. Do you know if there is a charge?


I believe it’s free


Brilliant. Thanks for the information.