Sea Cadets on job finding websites

I was very surprised when I stumbled across this. Are ‘trustees’ their equivalent of our civilian committee?

Has anyone had any success with this sort of thing?

Sounds like CWC, especially since they are now termed trustees.

Unorthodox but quite an innovative way to get people into the organisation.

I try for staff through the local council’s volunteering service, but the actual process to become adult staff was too much like a job application when I went through it with the people I spoke to at the council. They said the sort of people they had come along wanted to essentially do a DBS at most and start to help out. Unsurprisingly I don’t even get a sniff.

Taken from ACP11 -
22. Duties of the Committee. The Committee has the following duties:
b. To act as charity trustees of the squadron non-public fund for the time being of their appointment as Committee members.

We already have trustees…