Sea Cadet Ships

I know as an Air cadet you can apply to go on the Sea Cadet offshore vessels but I have a few questions about this:
i) Are there set weeks for just Air Cadets or could I select from any week they do (I know some sea cadets going on the TS Jack Petchy and it would be nice for us to go together.)
ii) Can you still apply for the busaries for the cost of these trips? (They offer them to the sea cadets).
Many thanks

Information on this is scare up our end you would probably best trying your unit commander and even better if your CCF had a naval section them…

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If you don’t wish to attend with the SCC can I recommend, been volunteering with them for years!

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Here are some links that you may try (for TS Jack Patchley and TS John Jarwood)

or Try the SCC’s Power and Sail Training School at TS Rebel in Essex and contact Lt Cdr (SCC) N Moulton RNR

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