Scrim scarf

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it is or where to buy a roll of scrim scarf material.

Im after a good 50 meters. Ideally on a roll that can be cut to suit size.

There must be a wholeseller somewhere or manufacturer who produces it on a roll for all these companies to cut thir scarfs from.


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Ring up Kombat or Cadet Kit Shop in Birmingham and ask them, both should be able to put you in touch with a wholesaler or provide it themselves.

50m? That’s a lot of Ally for one person to handle!! :wink:

I assume you’re looking for somebody who might have done this before - rather than the Google results I’m looking at?

I have extensively googled and all i could find was purchasing individual pieces.

Im after this for a non cadet related activity for a school.
Need longer lengths.

If you have found a link. Please share as would be helpful! Ta

Does it have to be that explicit material and colour? You can normally buy rolls of jute scrim much cheaper than cotton.

You could dye it?


There’s Contact Left in Liverpool. they do mil materials, and always been very helpful with finding obscure bits and pieces…

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Im imagining someone mummified in scrim scarf stood in the middle of an empty field

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They need it to match some previously bought material used in thr library to make a reading Den.

I will phone around the suggestions.

50m??? That’s not a Reading Den! That’s a reading mansion!!

I’m drawing blanks on it I’m afraid. I even went to our fabric wholesaler who, thankfully, is ex-miltary so immediately understood the words “scrim net”. He drew blanks on his supply chain for on the roll stuff - a few with supply in 1x1.2m panels (which is what the

He suggested Hessian/Jute and spray painting it. Or contact a scaffolder as they use it protection - but probably not in cotton. Or any exact match to olive green.