I know it’s not just me but I am really not looking forward to going back to school where I have to juggle between doing homework and cadets. And I doesn’t help I have Anual formal inspection Thursday :pensive: - so much polishing

Anyone else feeling this?

Oh and also if anyone has any tips on having time for school and cadets life PLEASE tell :pray:

My tip -

School work must come first!

However, I have never understood the need when people take time off for exams? I never took any time off as a cadet in my GCSE and A Level years. I organised my revision around cadets so I had that time to relax and give my brain a break. It did me no harm and I did quite well in my academic work.

For me, cadets was a nice break from the monotony of school work and revision.

You need that balance otherwise you will go mad.

  1. Ensure uniform is looked after and hung up when not in use. This makes it easier and quicker to sort out when needed.

  2. Remember cadets is a hobby and you have the ability to say no

  3. Prioritise everything I.e. Homework is a must and cadet things is a nice to do. Work out what cadet things you really want to do and work out the things you can skip for now and maybe pick up during the summer hols.

4)Learn to plan and manage your time. Organise when you are going to do things. This will take the stress out of trying to do everything and secondly is a great skill for adult life


Thank you, sounds easy enough :smirk:

Sack off Fortnite and any other rubbish.
You’ll be amazed how much time you will generate!


Haha I never had time for that let alone the fact my parents won’t let me have it :joy:

Its pants anyways…battlefields better


Yup, school MUST come first - you may gain experience / skill sets in cadets that will useful in the future for career, university of life, whatever, BUT the basic rule is that educational certificates are what employers use as the first filter.

However, for me, it was “O” & “A” Levels, none of these new-fangled qwalyphicakashuns - & maybe the lack of the interweb thingy made for less distractions; no Snapchat / WhatsApp / InstaFame etc to waste hrs of “never to be found again” time.

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You have to make the time like anyone involved does. An awful lot of adult staff don’t have the time but do it anyway. This applies to all people who volunteer in all things, not just the ATC.

The main one for you is get you homework done. Our kids had to make sure they did their homework or no out of school clubs.

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